Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Vascular Biology 2017

About Conference

The committee of International Conference on Vascular Biology & Medicine which is to be held during July 24-25 at Chicago, USA promises to showcase the top-notch research work on  which is one of the root cause for the Vascular diseases, diagnosis and therapeutics. This conference will bring together world-class professors, scientists and cardiologists to discuss strategies for disease remediation for vessels in this Vascular Biology event.
The Vascular Biology consists of both small and large vessels specifically designed to accommodate varying levels of blood flow and pressure, depending upon the location within the body (e.g. large conduit vessels versus small micro vessels within the capillary beds in tissues).  In addition, layered within the vascular tissue is a diverse population of cell types, including endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, pericytes, fibroblasts, and other connective tissue cell types. The combination of these cell types make up the vascular tissue and form tight junctions or connections, which allow for permeability for both passive and active transport across the vessel wall.
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International Conference on Vascular Biology & Medicine is among the World's leading Scientific Conference. The two day event on vascular medicine practices will host 60+ Scientific and technical sessions and sub-sessions on cutting edge research and latest research innovations in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgeries across the globe. This year annual vascular biology conference will comprises of major sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in various field of surgery & medicine. The attendees can find-
Exclusive Sessions and Panel discussions on latest innovations in Vascular Biology & Medicine:
Lectures by active practitioners
Keynote forums by Prominent Physicians & Professors
Open Innovation Challenges
Oral/Poster presentations by Young Researchers
Global Networking sessions with 30+ Countries
Novel techniques to benefit your research
Best platform for Global business and Networking opportunities
Meet the editors of referred journals, Society and Association members across the Globe

Conference Highlights: 


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